Tao Literature

A few selected sacred texts are made available here by volunteer Tao cultivators to benefit truth seekers. 

101 Holy Teacher Tian Ran's Revelation

Having recently read the “Introduction to Tao,” and finding it left a lot to be desired, one of the English speakers at the seminar made the vow to translate some of the Tao texts from Chinese to English. 

We approached every word with the intention to dig down to the root of the word, to get to the essence of what Holy Teacher was communicating. We invested hours attempting to capture the best English version of a Chinese character, finally coming to a consensus. The next day we would pick it up and would again discuss it for hours. To some, this would have been tedious and dreary. To us, however, it was exhilarating and uplifting, fulfilling and transforming.  We felt like “word archeologists”, sifting through layers of spiritual dust to finally enter the realms of Tao, coming into contact with the Divine moment by moment. 

We present this version as a stepping stone on the path, praying that others will come along after us to further clarify Holy Teacher’s guidance. 

15 Buddha Conducts

The Grace of Heaven is everywhere. Buddha’s compassion and mercifulness can truly be felt and we can never repay the blessings we have received. Due to the Grace of Heaven and Buddha’s mercy, these Holy scriptures were made available to help us better understand the true meaning of the 15 Buddha Conducts.