Receiving Tao

Reclaiming the Seeds of Life

The purpose of Receiving Tao has threefold. Each of them provides the Life Force for our growth and evolution.

1. Learning the Meaning of Life

Regardless of one’s status, life is full of suffering and disappointments: sickness, old age, separation from loved ones, death, and negative feelings of hatred, jealousy, guilt, etc. All these sufferings; however, have a purpose - it drives us to search for a deeper meaning in life and to eventually pursue the right path, so we can reawaken our True Self. Oftentimes, people cause or intensify their own suffering when they refuse to let go of superficial things. Therefore, the key to a meaningful existence is setting worthwhile goals for ourselves and striving to improve the quality of our lives. 

2. Rediscovering Our True Self

Our soul or conscience is pure, like that of a newborn. However, as time passes, our minds become enslaved by bad deeds and influences. We lose our character through the race for fame, status, wealth, etc. Therefore, we must receive Tao to retrieve our inherent True Self and to know our real aspirations in life. Once we rediscover our Conscience, we can perform all our duties, may it be as children, parents, husbands, wives, workers, or citizens, to the best of our abilities.

Tao teaches us to develop a good attitude towards life and to improve our relationships with members of our family and community. At a higher level, it lets us see things and life as they really are, so that we do not get too entangled in worldly pursuits. 

3. Liberation from the Cycle of Birth and Death

There are four main stages of suffering: birth, aging, sickness, and death. Each stage brings its own set of pains, and the entire process repeats itself as soon as we are reborn. Imagine like making the same mistakes over and over again, for all eternity!

If we wish to break away from this vicious cycle of reincarnation, the most effective way is to first receive Tao, followed by sincere learning and cultivation, in which we apply Principles of Tao in our daily lives. All this must be done according to our conscience, with a sincere heart. Through cultivation, we will be able to retrace the path of our soul and return to Heaven enjoying the eternal bliss.