The Tao Moment

We proudly present an Aha moment of Photo Gallery which occurs or happens in the Tao community. If you'd like to share your photos with us, please drop us an email.
Be Careful of Our Perspectives
On a Tao Trip in San Francisco, a Tao sister took a picture nearby the Palace of Fine Arts Theater from an angle that surprised everyone in the group. 
What do you see?
Many nice houses as we walked by
What do you see?
A window?
What do you see?
Everyone was silent (Jan. 22, 2018).
Stillness under all situations
Wow, so much snow! Was it snowing yesterday? 

Buddha remains stillness even with so much snow on his head:-) 

ps. Friday, Mar 2nd, 2018 a text conversation between a Tao sister and a Tao Transmitting Master.