Cultivating Tao

Nurturing the Seeds of Life

A life long journey that guarantees to produce long-lasting happiness.

Manifesting Our True Self

After receiving Tao, we stay close to the Tao community, and meet many Tao relatives who become our Good Knowing Advisers and good friends. We study the Holy Teachings and Holy Scriptures that have been handed down from enlightened masters. Once we learn the mindsets and deeds of enlightened saints and sages, we can put those teachings into practice, follow their footsteps, and start to share with our loved ones, family members, friends, and others.

Once we attain the key to the Door of Wisdom, it is up to us to open that door. Through cultivating Tao, we learn about the meaning of life and our true purpose, bringing ourselves one step closer to achieving the Buddhahood or Sainthood.