What is Tao?

Simply speaking, Tao is the Source, the intangible Universal Truth that creates, governs, and sustains all things in the universe. In Heaven, it is known as the Heavenly Truth, which guides and harmonizes the universe; on earth, it is known as Wisdom, and it nurtures the growth and evolution of nature. In humans, it is known as Conscience, or our True Self. Nothing can be separated from Tao. 

When we come into the world, our original nature is characterized by innocence, sincerity, and truthfulness. However, as we grow up and adopt the values of materialistic society, we gradually lose our connection to our Conscience. Receiving Tao reconnects us to the Source, awakening our original nature. It enables us to truly understand who we are, and work on cleanse of our flaws. Through cultivation, we further enhance our awareness, and learn to take the path that reveals our True Self, subsequently be able to return to our original home, Heaven.