The Ultimate Meaning of 
15 Buddha Conducts

By Holy Teacher

The Grace of Heaven is everywhere.  Buddha’s compassion and mercifulness can truly be felt and we can never repay the blessings we have received.  Due to the Grace of Heaven and Buddha’s mercy, these Holy scriptures were made available to help us better understand the true meaning of the 15 Buddha Conducts.


In addition to respecting and honoring Buddha, you shall respect the true Buddha inside of you. You all pay great respect to the Buddha inside the temple, but how about your own inner Buddha? Buddha said, “The mind is Buddha”. “Mind is the Buddha”. Where is the real Buddha? Buddha is in your heart! As long as you act without deviating from your True Self, abide by Buddha’s conducts, align with the heavenly truth and not violate your conscience, you are truly revering the Buddha. 

Like holy Saint Yen-Hui, he sincerely upheld the Tao shortly after his initiation.  A sincere heart which constantly holds onto the Tao demonstrates the act of revering the Buddha.  Why would he do so?  Because he realized “Life is short”.  There are so many uncertainties in our life, therefore we should take advantage of every opportunity to do good deeds and accumulate virtues.  He constantly looks inward in order to cultivate his own inner Buddha, changes his own bad temper, and corrects his shortcomings.  Thus, Yen-Hui reached the state of “not blaming others and not being judgmental,” and become a saint at the age of thirty-two.

My dear disciples, remember this is the best time to take advantage of the White Stage and truly use this opportunity to pay great respect to your inner Buddha. 「二六時中, 允執厥中」This means, “act accordingly to Tao during every second and truly cultivate oneself by following the Truth”.  “Take the initiative and move forward when it is aligned with truth and step back if you find yourself being deviated”.  When cultivating at the deepest level, you shall attain the state of not being separate and not being judgmental.  True reverence of the Buddha is only achieved when one is in a state of purity and clarity, lives simply, is without a sense of ego, upholds the heavenly mind, is formless and exhibits a natural expression of what we truly are.