101 Holy Teacher Tian Ran's Revelation

The following selected 101 quotations were channeled by different people through the guiding voice of Holy Teacher Tian Ran.  From 1989 to the end of 1994, his spirit, his energy, appeared on six different occasions in different countries (without drawing any special attention to himself).  Every time he came, he was in tears, because he was worried that his disciples could not find their way back to Heaven for being sidetracked by deviated thoughts.  Holy Teacher wanted to voice his True Heart to each of his beloved disciple.  He made it clear that this book of quotations is the guide for cultivating and propagating Tao during this period of the Last Chance, and should be spread to the entire world in the future.

Verse 003

What we can achieve in the future is not measured by the size of the Tao community, or based on the quantity of temples, nor is it judged by the size of the crowds of people.  It actually depends on whether Tao cultivators are sincerely fulfilling personal vows, following the Five Precepts, having a generous spirit, speaking truthfully, living harmoniously with others, and handling ourselves in an agreeable and flexible manner in order to carry out our mission.
Verse 004
Help others and ourselves to embody Tao.   If it is impossible for some people to accomplish this task, we shall wish and pray for their success in other lifetimes.  We should recognize our arising condition* to cultivate Tao.  The cycle of giving and receiving will form a stream of virtues across Heaven and Earth.

*EDITOR’S NOTE: Anything that happens in our journey is the condition for us to cultivate.  

Verse 005

The disciples in the White Stage shall develop an open mind to rejoice in others' success,  acknowledge others’ achievements, and honor others’ hard work.  We cultivate ourselves and influence others to be joyful and harmonious with sentient beings, the whole world and the entire universe.

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Verse 006
The Sixth Patriarch once said:  "It is a merit to remain modest; it is a virtue to treat all sentient beings equally."  We can naturally avoid many afflictions by constantly practicing gratefulness and penitence amidst both fortune and adversity, and to view the world around us with a cheerful state of mind.

Verse 007

During this period of the Last Chance, each of us needs to transcend ourselves.  Only by detaching ourselves from all favors, complaints, emotions, hatred, injustice and relations, can we really free ourselves, and move with the flow of nature.  Enlightened beings and saints manifest Tao directly from the Source.   While ordinary people may not have achieved enlightenment, through practice they can still carry out thoughts detached from intellect, catch deviated thoughts and connect to the True Self*. 

*EDITOR’S NOTE: The True Self is the original self-nature as created by God.

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Verse 008
I cannot even imagine the kind of trials that will come to test your wisdom.  As your teacher, I cannot take on the burden of your body and mind for you.  I can only hope - with the understanding of the Heavenly heart, the Buddha heart and Teacher’s heart - that you will cultivate step by step and adhere to your vows and precepts.  Lau Tzu once said, “Be aware and be careful!  The world is a divine vessel, and one cannot control it.  The one who controls it will fail.  The one who grasps it will lose it*.”

*EDITOR’S NOTE: From Tao Te Ching, Chapter 29. 

Verse 009

If every disciple in the Tao community, at this time of the White Stage will kneel in prayer for blessings to eliminate calamities and ordeals for all sentient beings, the combined effort of this goodwill shall minimize the calamities and ordeals in the world.  By doing so, you will extend your opportunities to propagate Tao as designated by God.
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