Path to Awakening

Faith, Vow & Performing

With the Grace of Heaven, Virtues of Patriarchs & many predecessors, Receiving Tao is now made available to those who sincerely asks for it and who is willing to cultivate.   

Benefits of Receiving, Cultivating & Propagating Tao

Receiving Tao unlocks our Spiritual Gate. It enables us to truly understand where we come from, who we are, and better prepare ourselves for returning to the Eternal Home. By attaining the key to the Door of Wisdom and applying virtues of the Heart in daily life, we become happier and start to pass on the Light & share Love with others. It brings us closer to the Divine. Further, by discerning Truth from False, we can change our fate & destiny, bring blessings to our family, transcend ourselves from the Suffering Cycle, and free ourselves from the danger & calamity. This is an awakening path and in the end leads us to a more purposeful life! 

Knowing The Tao Community

Tao community provides the awakening opportunities for everyone to grow and transform. Wholeness Education that incorporates body, mind and spirit, all three aspects, are fundamental to nurture one's goodness and develop one's virtues. Many activities are carefully planned throughout the year for one to bring out the Power within... 

Children Sutra Class

Moral principles, virtues, and disciplines should be the very first lessons taught to a child, before any other subjects.

Family Summer Camp

Through fun, interactive, and inspiring way, children and their family members work together to incorporate Principles of Tao in their daily life.  

Youth Growth Workshop

Provide tools to guide youth and young adults better prepare themselves to handle real life challenges 

Special Green Day Event

Live in a healthier life through changing diet... 

Candlelight Ceremony

A quiet, musical event with candles, to give everyone a chance to experience One Light, Many Flames, and Bring Hope...

Silent Tao Seminar

Through practicing the Noble Silence, one can begin the process of hearing and seeing in a new way... 

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